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ebz230 roadheader

KAMY ebz230 roadheader for mining

ebz230 roadheader for mining

EBZ230 cantilever-type roadheader uses imported hydraulic components with high reliability. Adapts to minimum section of 7.8 square meters. Suitable for work in coal mine, water conservancy tunnel, engineering excavation, potash mine, sodium mine, ore, bauxite and other geological conditions with hardness coefficient upto f8.

Equipped with a scraper conveyor, it can achieve rapid excavation and uninterrupted transportation.

EBZ230 roadheader for mining adopts explosive-proof and intrinsically safe switch box and intrinsically safe operation box which are small in volume, flexible in operation, safe and reliable; main controllers are mounted in a sealed shell to shield electromagnetic interference effectively; working conditions are displayed on LCD screen. It has over-voltage, motor-overload, short circuit, and earth leakage lockout functions.

It is equipped with internal spraying system with good de-dusting effect. Hydraulic system is simple and convenient to maintain.

Hydraulic System

EBZ230 type road header adopts constant power, pressure cut off and load sensitivity control.

Cutting Head

Cutting head is optimized with emulation technique; cutting tooth layout is reasonable and rock breaking capacity is strong.

Spraying System

Spraying system of EBZ230 type road header consists of internal spraying system and external spraying system. Internal spraying system is to spray behind teeth. It possesses water leakage detecting function. Design of external spraying system is effective.

First Conveyor

First conveyor adopts straight structure and is connected with insertion board smoothly. The conveying operation is unobstructed.

Traveling Mechanism

Traveling driving system integrates motor and reduction gear with internationally advanced technology. Its output torque is large and it is suitable for operation with large dip angle. If there is limit on weight or overall height during transportation, the roadheader can be dis-assembled to transport.

Dimensions (L, W, H) : 10.65m x 3.2m x 2.2m
cutting power: 230kw
weight: 72t
Speed of running: 6m/min
Maximum cutting hardness: f8
Max. positioning tunneling width: 5.8m
Max. positioning tunneling height: 4.7m
Minimum adaption drift section(W, H): 3.4mx2.4m
Working voltage: AC660/1140V
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Kamy Roadheader For Partners
Kamy Roadheader For Partners
Kamy Roadheader For Partners
Kamy Roadheader For Partners
Kamy Roadheader For Partners